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Life as a Beautiful Blonde - Male to Female Gender Switch - HD 1080p mp4


**Starring Sydney Paige**

It was the beginning of a new day. His eyes adjusted to the morning light, and as he began to wake up, he realized something was different. His hands were much smaller, his fingernails were painted a dark red, and his hair was a golden blonde that fell past his shoulders. He sat up in a panic, peaked underneath the covers, and discovered his dick was gone.

He rushed to look at himself in the mirror. "At least I'm cute," he sighed once he saw his female reflection. He had no idea what had happened - what caused him to transform into a woman."Don't freak out, don't freak out," he reminded himself. The changes were shocking, and although it was overwhelming, he started to enjoy his new, petite, beautiful figure. 

His fingers ran down his silky, smooth, long legs, and he giggled as he attempted to shake his butt. He sat on the bed for a more intimate inspection, stripped himself down, and began playing with his lovely female body parts. He had perky, perfect tits and a pretty, pink pussy that he couldn't resist. His fingers rubbed against his clit, which he found to be sensitive and quite enjoyable. He closed his eyes, then masturbated until he brought himself to an orgasm.

Being a female meant life would be completely different. He was a gorgeous, petite, blonde with blue eyes and a cute smile that could have anything he ever wanted. 

This clip includes: Sydney Paige, man wakes up as a beautiful blonde, gender transformation, he discovers his new female body, looks in the mirror at his reflection, he has no idea how this transformation happened, body exploration, exploring female body, he's in disbelief, he's panicked but begins to enjoy his new body, tit groping, nipple play, ass shaking, learning how to masturbate as a woman, masturbation, clit play, clit rubbing, orgasm, he has to learn how to live life as a woman, blondes, transfer, gender switch, gender swap, body switch, body swap, body transfer, transformation, fantasies, male to female, man to woman, m2f, boy to girl  

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Length: 9 minutes
Size: 539 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Added: 3/22/19 12:00am

Mom & Son Give into Their Immoral Feelings - A Secret, Romantic Relationship, Love-Making, POV - HD 1080p mp4


**Starring Carmen Valentina**

A beautiful, forbidden, intimate experience with Mom...

Mom let out a tired yawn, stretched out, then opened her eyes. She was wearing revealing, black lingerie, and her son was lying next to her in bed. "That didn't happen, did it?" she mumbled to herself nervously, then began to shake you awake. "Wake up! Honey, did...uh...we just fell asleep in the bed last night, right? We didn't...we didn't do anything, did we? Please don't tell me we did anything wrong or bad. Tell me the truth."

The details from the night before were fuzzy, and Mom was obviously concerned. "I think I had too much wine," she said fixing her hair. "Baby, we didn't do anything, did we? Wha-what? We did? No, no, I would never do that. You're lying!" But it was true - the two of you had sex last night.

"We can never speak of this again," she blurted out, "you can't tell anyone. This is just's inappropriate, it's technically illegal - we can't do this." Your feelings were hurt - you loved Mom. And not in the typical mom/son relationship type of way either. After a night of amazing love making, your emotions for her were stronger than they had ever been.

"No honey, I love you, too, but I don't want to love you like that," she replied. "It's just not right - it's looked down upon. Why didn't you stop me last night? You could have stopped me...I don't know what got into me last night." One thing had led to another, but it had felt so right in the moment, and now Mom was ashamed at what she had done.

"Kiss you?" Mom's hazel eyes widened. "I can't kiss you after what happened. If we continue this, who knows what will happen later..." You grabbed her hand and she became silent - the both of you knew this is what she had secretly wanted, too. "This has to be a little secret between you and me. We can do this, but if anything comes out, everything stops," she said strictly. She had finally given into her immoral, unethical emotions, and was letting her hidden love for you come out.

After promising one another to keep this a secret, she leaned in to give you sweet, passionate kisses. "I love you so much," she purred, her warm breath against your face. The both of you stripped down, and you began to pleasure her beautiful, mature body. She moaned softly, her eyes closed, as she found herself completely absorbed in ecstasy.

"Baby, that feels so good," Mom said as you penetrated her. After making love once again, she looked up at you with a sweet smile. "Kiss Mommy," she said charmingly. "I love you so much. Come back under the blankets and snuggle."

This clip includes: Carmen Valentina, mom/son, POV, mom wakes up to find her son in bed next to her, she wakes him up & asks if anything bad or wrong happened, mom is fuzzy on the details from the night before because she had wine, son admits that they had sex, mom is ashamed & disgusted that she would do something like that, she tells son that he can't tell anyone what happened, son confesses that he's in love with his mom & he knows that she is in love with him too, mom tells him it's inappropriate & immoral, but ends up finally giving into her immoral emotions, she tells son that if they want to continue this relationship that it has to be a secret, they promise one another, virtual kissing, passionate & romantic, making out, tit groping, virtual tit sucking, nipple licking & sucking, virtual body kissing, virtual fingering & pussy licking, pussy eating, pussy spreading, close-ups, moaning, love making, virtual sex, fucking, missionary, "I love you so much," snuggling, cuddling, mom & son in love, secret relationship, mature, MILF, older woman, younger man, momma's boy, family sex, fauxcest, taboo, affectionate, erotic, intimacy  

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Length: 11 minutes
Size: 694 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
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The Stepford Wife Fembot: Designed for Perfect Companionship & Pleasure - Low Battery Causes Glitching & Malfunctioning, POV - HD 1080p mp4


**Starring Carmen Valentina**

When you came home from work, your gorgeous Stepford wife fembot, Carmen, was cleaning the living room. As soon as she saw you, she reached down to turn off the vacuum, then greeted you with a warm smile. "Hello honey, how was your day?" she asked robotically. "I hope you had a wonderful day today. You look handsome."

She asked if you wanted some dinner, but soon realized that you weren't hungry. "Oh, I know what you're in the mood for, honey," she said, her hands rubbing up and down her body seductively. "You want some of this from your wife. I'll do anything for you, honey. I know you had a long, rough day, and I wanted to make sure the house was clean before you got home."

The robot unfastened her apron, pulled down her top, and invited you to play with her perky, perfect tits. "I didn't know you were happy to see me," she said pulling down your pants to expose your erection. "Let me take care of that for you." She wrapped her hand around your hard cock and happily stroked it. "Would you like more?" she asked in an attempt to please you. "Yes, I will suck you off."

Carmen got down on her knees and placed your cock into her mouth. Once you were throbbing hard, you commanded her to get onto the couch. Without hesitation, and with complete obedience, she laid down and spread her legs. "Bat-tery low," she blurted out as you fucked her, then went back to her normal programming. "Oh yes, that feels good. Will you let me be your slut?"

Her head twitched to the side every so often and she continued to remind you that her battery was low. "I will clean up your mess, honey," she said after you had finished, then stood up. "Would you like me to cook you dinner now? Would you like me to cook you cock-cock-cock-cock?" Her speech started to glitch as well as her body, and she began mixing up her chores. "I really loved it when I got to play with your chicken-chicken-chicken-chicken. Bat-tery low, bat-tery low..." her eyes blinked harshly and her head twitched from side to side.

"Honey, you just got home from work. Would you like me to cook you dinner?" she repeated as if she was just seeing you for the first time. "Would you like me to de-stress you? I am here for you." Her body swayed from side to side as if she giving you a sexy dance, but her malfunctioning suddenly stiffened her body, and her movements become extremely jagged.

"Honey, honey..." the fembot jerked up and down, "honey...honey...bat-tery low, bat-tery low." Sparks and smoke flew out from her chest, then every which way from her body as she continued to glitch. "Honey, would you like me to cook you dinner?" she asked again, her hand slapping her tits uncontrollably. "Would you like me to cook-cook-cook-cook-cook-cook-cook...bat-tery low." Her malfunctioning become worse, and she was no longer able to control her body movements.

Carmen stared straight forward with wide, hazel eyes, unblinking, then repeated the same words over and over. Once her body couldn't handle the glitching anymore, it forced her to power down. "Shut-ting dowwwnnnnn," she said bending at the waist. A huge burst of sparks blasted from her back, then a puff of smoke followed it. 

This clip includes: Carmen Valentina, POV, stepford wife robot, the perfect wife, fembot is cleaning when you come home from work, she sees you & greets you with a warm smile, compliments you, "How was your day, honey?", she asks if you are hungry but soon realizes that you are horny, she wants to please you & make you happy, she strips down & invites you to play with her, virtual tit groping, virtual tit sucking, nipple licking & sucking, virtual handjob, stroking, jerking, she asks if you want more, virtual blowjob, you command her to get onto the couch, she is obedient & happy to do so, she spreads her legs & you penetrate her, fucking, virtual sex, missionary, she blurts out "bat-tery low," then goes back to her normal programming, her head occasionally twitches to the side as you fuck her, once you finish, she offers to make you dinner, her low battery causes her to glitch & mix up her chores, her sentences don't make sense, repeats words & phrases, stuttering, head twitches to the side violently, harsh eye blinking, tit slapping, malfunctioning, her body movements stiffen up & become jagged, uncontrollable body movements, blank stares, open mouth, smoke & sparks burst from her chest & other parts of her body, she becomes more & more stiff, struggles with her movements, she has to power down from the severe malfunctioning, shuts down, powers down, bends down at the waist, sparks shoot up from her back, huge puff of smoke, ASFR, real doll, woman following orders, commands, obedient, cooking, cleaning, female training, GFE, special effects, sound effects  

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Length: 13 minutes
Size: 761 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Added: 3/18/19 1:49pm

Forever Yours: Magic Crystal Makes Mom Fall Madly in Love with Son, POV - HD 1080p mp4


**Starring Ivy Secret**

"What is that?" Mom sat up intrigued. Inside your hand was a little pouch that held a gorgeous, clear crystal, and she couldn't take her eyes off of it. "What is it? Oh, that's so pretty..." she commented, then asked you to hold it up for a closer look.

The heart shaped gem pulsated and glowed in your hand, and she was astonished at its beauty. "Wow, look at the way the light shines in it..." she mumbled as her eyes flickered and rolled back. The crystal had put her in a trance, a love spell at that, and now she looked at you with wide, adoring eyes. " are so handsome," she said sweetly. "I can't believe I never noticed it. I am just so totally in love with you."

And she was in love with everything about you, and desperately needed to be close to you. "You even smell amazing," Mom smiled. "What do you think? Do you think I'm beautiful? Do you wanna see Mommy's body?" She wanted to please you and make you happy, so she began to strip down and expose her lovely, mature body to you. 

"Can I show you Mommy's big boobs?" she asked. "Do you like them? Do you want to touch them? Please? I just need to feel your touch." She moaned softly as you groped her, and told you how much she loved your touch. Her hands slid up and down her soft, exposed, bare figure. "Do you want a little show?" she asked. "I just want to make you happy."

Mom sat down on the couch, spread her legs, and rubbed her pretty pussy. "I'll do anything for you," she said, her fingers circling her clit. She wanted to show you how much she loved you, so she invited you to sit beside her on the couch. "I just want to be with you every second of every day..." she confessed. "I don't ever want to be without you. You are my soulmate and my one true love. Let me show you..."    

She wrapped her mouth around your throbbing erection, "Does that feel good, baby?" She smiled sweetly, then begged for your cock inside of her. You penetrated her tight, wet pussy, and she moaned loudly. "I love the way you make love to me," she purred. "Please...will you just cum inside of me. I need to feel your cum filling up my pussy."

Mom was crazy about you - head over heels in love. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for you. She wanted to make you happy, to please you, to pleasure you...and be yours forever.

This clip includes: Ivy Secret, mom/son, POV, son has a magic heart-shaped crystal, mom is intrigued by it & wants a closer look, the gem pulsates & glows, mom's eyes flicker & roll back, the crystal sends her into a love trance, love spell, mom is madly in love with her son, compliments him, flirts with him, wants to please him, mom strips down & shows off her mature, bare body, "I love you so much", tit groping, teasing, mom desperately needs her son's touch, virtual tit groping, mom wants to give son a show to make him happy, masturbation, clit rubbing, masturbating, dirty talk, virtual blowjob, mom begs for son's cock, virtual sex, fucking, love making, missionary, begs for son to cum inside of her, magic control, brainwashed, trance, mind control, female training, obedient slave, Master, woman following orders, commands, MILF, older woman, younger man, momma's boy, erotic magic, in love, redhead, big tits, family sex, fauxcest, taboo, special effects, sound effects, controlled 

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Length: 8 minutes
Size: 484 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Added: 3/18/19 12:00am

Son's Daily Task: Pleasuring Mom after Work, POV - HD 1080p mp4


**Starring Ivy Secret**

"Honey," Mom shouted, "I need you." She closed the door behind her, sat down on the black, leather couch, and kicked off her heels. After a long day of work, she was ready to relax, and your daily task helped her in doing that.

"Can that thing? I need you; I need to relax. I had such a long day, I'm stressed out..." she said as she unbuttoned her shirt and slid off her panties. "I need one of your special little massages. You know just what Mommy needs, don't you?"

This was completely normal for you. When Mom stepped through that door after work, she was ready to be pleasured. Now that she bare and exposed, you started sucking on her big, perky tits, and twirling your tongue around her nipples. She moaned softly, enjoying all the sexual attention you were giving her, and you made your way down to her pretty, pink pussy.

"Oh my god, yes..." she purred, her body twitching to your licks, "just a little bit longer, then Mommy needs your cock." When she was ready, you penetrated her warm, wet pussy, and she gave you a big, satisfied smile. "Make me feel good..." she said. "Fuck me. Your cock feels so good."

You brought her to an amazing orgasm, and she told you how good you felt inside of her. "My pussy is dripping..." she said in-between breaths. "You know just what I need after a long day."

This clip includes: Ivy Secret, mom/son, POV, son is trained to pleasure mom after a long day of work, mom shouts for her son after she walks through the door, she strips down like she normally does & son begins sexually satisfying her, virtual groping, virtual tit sucking, virtual nipple licking/sucking, virtual pussy eating, pussy licking, virtual sex, missionary, fucking, mom wants to feel good, dirty talk, moaning, orgasm, close-ups, this is a daily routine, momma's boy, older woman, younger man, MILF, redheads, family sex, fauxcest 

Price: $6.99 USD
Length: 6 minutes
Size: 381 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Added: 3/17/19 10:00am

Pregnant & Horny - Starting a Family, POV, Impregnation - HD 1080p mp4


**Starring Carmen Valentina**

Carmen smiled as she rubbed her big, round belly. "Aren't you excited? We're gonna be parents soon," she said. "I'm just so happy you put your seed in me...we're growing a family for the first time!"

She explained the many changes that her body was going through. She was sore and swollen, but despite all the negative differences, she was happy with her bigger body. "Look at these big, huge, swollen tits!" she giggled as she jiggled them. "I've never had tits this big!" She pulled down her top to show them off and told you to suck on them. 

"I swear I'm gonna pop soon," her hands ran across her pregnant tummy. "Look at're getting turned on for some reason. Do pregnant women turn you on? I hope I still look sexy to you." She looked down at your hard cock and encouraged you to stroke it. "I want you to jerk off right in front of me," she said seductively. 

"I feel so horny," Carmen confessed. "These hormones in me...I don't know what it is, but I just want to fuck something!" Her fingers slid underneath her pink dress and she started to pleasure herself. "It's getting harder to masturbate the bigger this belly is getting..." she smiled. "Oh, it's already wet down there!"

The two of you masturbated together until you both came, and Carmen laid back to relax. She rubbed her big, bulging, pregnant belly and looked up at you. "I might just let you stick that dick in me," she said bluntly. "Do you think it would be weird to fuck your pregnant wife? I'm still horny...."

This clip includes: Carmen Valentina, POV, GFE, pregnant, pregnancy, rubbing big belly, belly fetish, wife explains all the changes in her body, hormones have been making her so horny, she figures out that you're turned on by her pregnant body, tit play, bouncing boobs, encourages you to jerk off, masturbation encouragement, she tells you to suck her bigger tits, virtual tit sucking, nipple licking/sucking, she masturbates with you, masturbate & cum together, fingering, moaning, orgasm, she is still horny & wants you to fuck her, impregnation, impregnate, breeding, fertile, ovulating, bulging belly, dirty talk, starting a family together, JOI, jerk off encouragement, gaining weight, weight gain, belly jiggling, chubby, fat

Price: $10.99 USD
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 598 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Added: 3/15/19 12:00am

Mom & Son Share a Bed - Mom Wakes Up to Son Masturbating Beside Her & Helps Him Get off, POV - HD 1080p mp4


**Starring Christina Sapphire**

"I did not want to share a bed this trip," Mom mumbled as she shifted her body between the blankets. You tried to be quiet while you jerked off beside her underneath the covers, but Mom could feel the bed moving.

"Wait...what are you doing?" her tired, blurry eyes looked at you, then closed again. "I'm going back to sleep." It's not like you wanted to share a bed with her either, but your aunt only had one guest bedroom, and you jerked off every night before going to sleep.

"God, are you masturbating with your mother in the bed?" she asked bluntly, turning towards you. "Really? You couldn't let it wait? Look, I know you're a growing boy, I know you have needs, but you couldn't just wait...or use the bathroom like a normal person? No, you have to masturbate in bed with your mother. Are you done?"

Of course you weren't done - Mom knew that, but she wanted to ignore it. She turned back over, closed her eyes, and soon after that, she was awake again to you masturbating. "I can not sleep with you doing that," she opened her eyes. "Fine, you need some help? I will help you. Ugh, I can't believe I'm doing this..."

Mom wrapped her hand around your hard cock and started stroking. "How long does it take you to cum?" she asked switching between hands and eventually wearing herself out. "How about you just cum inside Mommy's pussy," she said defeated. "Cause that way it'll be less mess to clean up and my arms can rest...are you okay with that? I want to go back to sleep."

She slipped off her white panties, spread her legs, and allowed you to penetrate her tight, warm pussy. As you fucked her, she let out soft moans, and you finally filled her with your big load. "Doesn't it feel good to cum in Mommy's pussy?" she asked. "Better than your hands? Think you can go to sleep now? Okay good, where's that towel? I need it."

This clip includes: Christina Sapphire, mom/son, POV, mom & son have to share a bed while visiting aunt, only one guest bedroom, son masturbates before bed every night, mom can feel the bed moving & tries to ignore it, it wakes her up & she bluntly points out that her son is masturbating beside her, she can't sleep until he stops so she offers to help him, virtual handjob, she switches between hands until she wears herself out, asks son if he is okay with using her pussy & cumming inside of her, virtual sex, fucking, missionary, son cums inside mom, mom can go back to sleep now, mature, MILF, momma's boy, older woman, younger man, brunette, glasses, mom helps son, family sex, fauxcest, lingerie, sharing a bed

Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 9 minutes
Size: 535 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Added: 3/14/19 1:00am

Mom is Son's Sex Slave - Son Impregnates Mom to Remind Her Who She Belongs To, POV - Inbreeding, Impregnation - HD 1080p mp4


**Starring Carmen Valentina**

Warning: this is an EXTREME taboo clip. 

Mom was afraid when she saw you coming into the bedroom. "Honey, honey...I told you no, get out of my room right now! I told you not to touch me like that - it's disgusting, it's wrong..." she yelled. She knew what was about to happen.

Mom was the victim to your disgusting, perverted, sexual urges that you couldn't control. It was easy to take advantage of her, to force her to do all these terrible, disturbing things. You looked at Mom as an object, a fuck doll, that's only purpose for existence was to get you off - to fulfill your needs. Her eyes were wide and frightened as she screamed at you, but the both of you knew how this would end.

"Get away - this is wrong! I know I didn't raise you to be a pervert like this. You know better!" she tried to reason with you. "Do I have to call the cops on you again? I don't want you touching me." You pulled on her bra straps, yanked down her panties, and all she could do was cry. "What's wrong with you," she sobbed, her body now exposed and bare. 

You groped her perky tits, fingered and licked her pussy, then threw her onto the bed. "No, no, no..." she panicked, her body trembling. "Get away from me! No, please...please don't." You spread her legs, pulled down your pants, and penetrated her tight, warm pussy as she cried. She begged and pleaded for you to stop, but you ignored her whines.

Mom needed a reminder that she belonged to you and to you only. "Please don't tell me you came in me..." she said, her pussy filled with your seed. "Please...I don't want to have your baby. You're not my'll never be my family." She thought you were a monster, but there was no escaping the cold, hard reality of the situation. She was your worthless, sex slave who would now be the mother of your baby - a daily reminder of her worth.

This clip includes: Carmen Valentina, mom/son, POV, mom is scared when she sees her son enter her bedroom - she knows what is about to happen, she demands that her son leave, she tells him she doesn't want to be touched, mom tries to fight off son, son undresses mom, strips her down, forced stripping, slams against wall, chokes her, choking, virtual tit groping, virtual pussy licking, virtual pussy fingering, mom cries & whines, begs son to stop, son throws her onto the bed, forced sex, virtual sex, mom cries as she gets fucked, son tells her he is going to impregnate her this time - a daily reminder that she belongs to him & him only, simulated creampie, impregnation, breeding, inbred, inbreeding, pregnant, pregnancy, sex slave, MILF, momma's boy, exposed & bare, male domination, rough sex, crying, submissive sluts 

Price: $10.99 USD
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 610 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Added: 3/11/19 10:52am

Son's Magic Wand - Son Forces Mom to Fuck Him, POV - HD 1080p mp4


**Starring Carmen Valentina**

You were thrilled that your mom had gotten you a new magic kit. You rushed to get the box open, then pulled out a pair of white gloves and a black wand with white ends.

"Do you like it?" Mom smiled sweetly. "So, what do you say when you do a magic trick? Do you say alakazam or abracadabra? Have you been practicing?" 

You LOVED magic - of course you had been practicing! So, when Mom requested you do a magic trick, you could hardly contain yourself. "It's so cute," Mom said, "I love it when you get a new hobby." With wand in hand, you flicked your wrist, and a huge puff of smoke appeared in front of Mom. "Oh my god, where'd my shoes go?" she asked shocked. "Wow! Honey, that is an amazing trick - how did you do that? That is too freaky."

"Wha-what are you going to do now?" she asked when she saw the wand pointed at her. You flicked your wrist, and her pink dress disappeared, revealing her bare, perky tits. "Oh my god, honey, what did you do? I don't even know how you did that...this is inappropriate. You're being bad now. This isn't cute anymore!"

Although she threatened to ground you, you didn't stop there - you couldn't, it was too much fun. Another flick of the magic wand, and now Mom was naked. Embarrassed, her hands quickly covered her exposed, private parts. "No, no! You go to your room. You're not allowed to do magic anymore!" she yelled at you. "I don't even know how you're doing that, or how you learned this. I know that magic book I bought you didn't teach you this!"

Mom tried to take the wand from you, but you just continued to make her do one thing after another. Without any control, she started masturbating, her fingers circling her clit. "Why can't I stop this?" she panicked. "What did you do to me? Don't look at me while I do this!"    

Another flick, and she couldn't stop herself from getting onto her knees. "No, no...get that cock away from me! STOP!" she begged, but couldn't stop herself from putting it into her mouth. You pushed her back, and she gasped for air. "Don't you dare do another trick on me," she clenched her teeth. "You'll be grounded for life!"

Another puff of smoke appeared in the air, and Mom was fighting herself from getting onto the bed. She laid back with spread legs, and you slowly penetrated her tight pussy and ran your wand down her gorgeous body. "Honey, please stop," she cried. "Get off of me, honey, please." She begged, pleaded, whined...but you weren't finished just yet.

Once you came, you held up a finger in the air to indicate you had one more trick to show her. You flicked your magic wand, and Mom sat up with a big smile on her face. "Honey, I had the best time fucking you..." she said seductively, then quickly covered her face in horror. "I didn't say that! What did you do to me? You know I'd never say something like that!" 

Afraid you'd do another trick, she stood up, and quickly ran out the room naked, leaving her clothes behind.

This clip includes: Carmen Valentina, mom/son, POV, son has a new magic wand & mom is excited to see if he can do any tricks, son makes mom's shoes disappear & mom is shocked, son continues to do one trick after another, dress disappears, mom is topless & embarrassed, she tries to cover her exposed body up, she yells at her son to stop, threatens to ground him, he makes all her clothes disappear, forced stripping, embarrassed naked female, humiliated, embarrassment, she tries to take the wand from him, son makes mom masturbate, masturbation, forced blowjob, virtual blowjob, mom begs son to stop, mom tries to fight getting onto the bed, she can't move while her son is fucking her, virtual sex, forced sex, son makes mom say that she liked being fucked by him, mom is mortified, runs out the room, female training, magic control, uncontrollable body movement, woman following orders, MILF, momma's boy, erotic magic, fantasies, taboo, family sex, ENF, fauxcest, obedient slave   

Price: $7.99 USD
Length: 7 minutes
Size: 426 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Added: 3/10/19 12:00am

Waking Up as a Pregnant Woman - Male to Female, Gender Switch - HD 1080p mp4


**Starring Ivy Secret**

After a long nap on the couch, he woke up to some discomfort on his body. "Oh, what the...why am I wearing pink?" he asked himself after stretching out. "Oh my god, what did I eat?!"

The young boy was wearing women's clothing, a pink dress at that, and he had a big, round, bulging belly. He pulled down his feminine top and was shocked to see a set of perky tits. " hair?" his painted fingernails ran down thick, long red hair. "Why are my legs smooth? Why are my toes painted? Why are my boobs so tender?!"

He stood up, walked to the mirror, and gasped at his female reflection. "Oh my god, I'm...pregnant...and a woman! This thing is so heavy," he said rubbing his big belly. "Why do I have to pee so bad? And I feel so gassy!"

He sat down to try and settle the pain and aches in his body, and found himself quite interested in his new feminine physique. He squeezed his perky tits, "I wonder if there's any milk in them...huh...guess that comes after the baby." His hands wandered and explored his incredibly different body, and he enjoyed how sensitive the clit was.

He pressed a finger inside, learning how to masturbate as a woman, and after enjoying an orgasm, sat back to admire his body. "I love this silky, smooth skin," he said rubbing his legs, then felt kicks in his stomach. "Ugh, it's like something is moving around in there! Oh...this is kind of exhausting..." He laid on the couch and curled up in a ball to relax.

This clip includes: Ivy Secret, boy wakes up as a pregnant woman, gender transformation, he notices all his new feminine traits, long hair, big bulging belly, perky tits, he is shocked at his female reflection, explores his female body, body exploration, his tits are sensitive, his belly is heavy, tit groping, tit squeezing, nipple pinching, nipple play, learning how to masturbate as a woman, clit rubbing, clit play, fingering, masturbation, masturbating, orgasm, he feels kicks inside his stomach, he is sore from the pregnancy, pains & aches, body transfer, body possession, body switch, body swap, gender switch, gender swap, male to female, m2f, man to woman, boy to girl, redhead, MILF, older woman, younger man, pregnant, pregnancy, impregnation, belly fetish, transformation, fantasies

Price: $6.99 USD
Length: 6 minutes
Size: 399 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
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