Brad Johnson the heckler

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This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below in the final product.

DR. SMITH:  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you for coming out tonight for a good cause.  As you know, we are trying to raise money, so your generous donations and tips are appreciated.  Before we begin, I want to stress that this is an 18 and up adult show.  We will have adult humor and adult themes, so if any of you are easily offended, now is the chance to go. OK – no exits.  You must be a pretty fun audience tonight.  For anyone who does not know me, I am Dr. Smith – an expert therapeutic and stage .

BRAD (from the audience): Yeah, right!

DR. SMITH (ignoring him): Now we will select a volunteer and start off with some mild 

BRAD (from the audience): Boring!

DR. SMITH:  I seem to have a heckler.  No worries, I have dealt with hecklers before.  Now I will need a volunteer.  (scanning the audience)  Come on, now.  Don’t be shy.  Someone needs to volunteer.

BRAD (from the audience): This is a waste of time.

DR. SMITH:  You.  Buddy.  What about you?  Come on, audience, let’s give him a hand.

(Brad finally comes into view)

DR. SMITH: Now, sir.  You seem pretty opinionated.  I take it you do not believe in 

BRAD:  No.

DR. SMITH:  You have never been before?

BRAD:  Never.  It is a complete waste of time.

DR. SMITH:  Well this is for charity tonight, so certainly you would not begrudge us a bit of your time.  Plus – you were sitting in on the show, so I assume you must have some curiosity.

BRAD:  Only curious in so far as I can figure out whether your subjects are in on the scam or just chronically stupid.

DR. SMITH:  What if I can convince you otherwise.  Prove to you that  can be authentic.  Will you allow me that opportunity?

BRAD:  I’ll allow you a chance, but if you end up looking like a fool, don’t blame me.

DR. SMITH:  No -  I would never blame you.  Now let’s get started.

BRAD: Whatever.

DR. SMITH:  What is your name?

BRAD:  Brad.

DR. SMITH:  OK – Brad.  Let’s get started.

DR. SMITH starts swaying the medallion in front of BRAD and BRAD starts smirking and chuckling.

DR. SMITH:  OK, Brad.  Now I know you do not believe in  and that this is waste of time, but you have said you will allow me a chance to prove you wrong and I really need you to concentrate and stop goofing off.  Now watch closely and concentrate.

DR. SMITH takes BRAD through the usual commands and count down until he falls into a trance.

DR. SMITH:  Thank goodness.  Brad was on my last nerve here.  I really get annoyed with obnoxious hecklers.  They crash my shows and think they are going to upstage me and be rude to my audience.  I think it is time to teach Brad here a lesson in humility.

Now Brad.  When I say wake you are going to wake up.  I will ask you your name again, but you will not remember it.  No matter how hard to you try your name just will not come to you.  Wake.

OK.  Now do you think you are 

BRAD:  Are you nuts?  No.

DR. SMITH:  What is your name again?

BRAD stutters around for a while getting frustrated and is unable to come up with his name.

DR. SMITH:  You cannot remember your own name?  Isn’t that odd?  Still think you are not 

BRAD:  Hell, no.  I just…I am just having a brain fart.  It will come to me.

DR. SMITH:  What letter does your name start with?

BRAD is confused and cannot come up with anything.

DR. SMITH:  Could your name be BRAD?

BRAD:  Yeah, that’s it.  See I told you it would come to me.

DR. SMITH (a bit exasperated):  Yeah – you sure did say it would come to you.  Although you had a lot of help. Sleep. This guy is going to be a hard nut to crack.  But trust me, folks, he will believe in before this night is over.

Now Brad.  When I say the word freeze, you will freeze in place.  You will not be able to move your limbs, but I will be able to move them for you.  When I say wake again, you will have no memory of how you got in these various positions.  Freeze.

DR. SMITH maneuvers Brad’s arms around so they are straight up his head.

DR. SMITH:  Wake.

BRAD looking confused, puts his arms down.

DR. SMITH:  Still do not believe you are 

BRAD:  Hell, no.

DR. SMITH:  Then what were you doing with your arms.

BRAD:  (looking a bit confused)  Stretching?

DR. SMITH: Freeze.

DR. SMITH maneuvers BRAD into a couple of different positions and wakes him, but cannot get BRAD to admit the  was successful.  BRAD gets increasingly frustrated, but still refuses to admit he has been successfully 

DR. SMITH: Sleep!  Brad, you are a real problem.  You have all this evidence in front of you and yet you still refuse to believe.  OK, Brad.  When I wake you again, when I say the word Flex you will stop what you are doing and flex for a few moments.  When I say the word hot, you will play with and rub your nipples for a few moments.  You will not know why you did these things, but you will be compelled to do them.  Wake

DR. SMITH runs BRAD through the motions with BRAD becoming increasingly frustrated and DR. SMITH rubbing it in BRAD’s face.

BRAD (finally erupts):  is fake.  This is some kind of trick.  You cannot make me do anything I do not want to do.  I just need a few moments to figure out your trick.

DR. SMITH: Sleep.

DR. SMITH starts to really look at BRAD noticing just how good looking he is.  He walks completely around BRAD looking him up and down, and then starts to smile and nod his head.

DR. SMITH:  You know, folks, I think BRAD has taken up enough of your and my time.  This is really selfish of him, especially on a night where we are supposed to be giving.  I think it is time that Brad gave and we got some adult enjoyment at his benefit.

Now, BRAD.  When I wake you again, like before when I say freeze, you will freeze.  You will not be able to move your limbs, but I will be able to manipulate them.  Unlike before, you will be able to talk unless I tell you otherwise and you will know what is happening, but you will be unable to move on your own to do anything about it.  Wake. Now Brad, are you still insisting after everything that you have not successfully been 

BRAD:  It’s a trick.  I am not sure how you do it, but if I have time I could figure it out.  But I am done with this .

BRAD starts to leave.

DR. SMITH: Freeze.

BRAD: (looking stunned unable to move) What the fuck?

DR. SMITH:  You are not going anywhere.  I am not done with you.  Besides, you will miss the best part of the show.  Folks, tonight we will be having a charity auction and the charming Brad here will be our model slash mannequin.

BRAD:  What the hell are you talking about?  Cut the and let me get back to my seat.

DR. SMITH:  Those are really nice shoes you are wearing Brad.  Any takers out in the audience for this terrific pair of shoes?  A bargain at $20?  (Dr. Smith scans the audience).  Sold for $20.

DR. SMITH bends down and maneuvers BRAD’s legs so that he removes the shoes and throws them out towards the audience.

DR. SMITH:  What about his socks?  Slightly worn, but a good laundering and they will good as new.  $10 for the socks any takers?  (Dr. Smith again scans the audience).  Sold for $10.

DR. SMITH again maneuvers BRAD’s legs/body to remove his socks and chucks them out into the audience.

BRAD:  Knock it off, dude.  Somebody help!  Help.

DR. SMITH: No more talking!  I think we have heard enough from you tonight. Now isn’t this shirt lovely?  $50 for the shirt. Remember it is all for charity folks.  Sold for $50.

DR. SMITH maneuvers BRAD’s body however best to slowly remove the shirt.  If BRAD is wearing an undershirt repeat the same steps above.

DR. SMITH takes note of BRAD’s shirtlessness:  Wow!  Really nice, Brad.  You must really work out.  And how thoughtful for you to do this for charity.  We should have gotten to the good stuff earlier in the evening.  Mind if I rub your chest, Brad?  (Brad grunts his dislike, but can say nothing now)  Didn’t think you would mind.  (Caressing Brad’s chest) Jeez, this is even better than it looks.  So hot!  Well, enough with the fun.  $100 for the pants. Anyone?  This is bargain.  Whoa!  That did not take long.  Sold for $100.  Time to pay the piper.

DR. SMITH undoes BRAD’s pants and maneuvers his body to remove them completely.  These also get chucked out in the direction of the imaginary audience.  At this point, BRAD is fuming, but unable to do anything about it.

DR. SMITH:  Only one thing left folks.  And what nice undies they are.  I think these should go for $200.  Any takers to see Brad in all his naked glory for $200.  All for charity.  Damn!  Sold for $200.  The audience really must want to see you naked, Brad.  Everyone get out your cell phones and recording devices – let’s make sure Brad gets to be all over the internet tonight.

DR. SMITH starts to remove BRAD’s underwear with him only being able to urgently grunt his disdain.  DR. SMITH completely removes BRAD’s underwear and throws them into the audience.

DR. SMITH:  Let’s get a good look, folks.

DR. SMITH rotates BRAD so that his ass is facing the audience.  He rubs his hands over BRAD’s back and his ass (if the model will allow).

DR. SMITH:  God this is so hot.  I wish you were all up here with me.

DR. SMITH rotates BRAD back to facing the audience.  He walks around looking him up and down smiling and enjoying the view.

DR. SMITH:  Great idea, folks.  How about $300 to see Brad get hard in front of the audience.

BRAD bugs his eyes and starts grunting uh-unh to indicate no.

DR. SMITH: Sold for $300.  Sleep.  Now Brad, when I say wake, you will still be frozen in place until I say unfreeze and everything will return to normal.  However, this time you will be able to move one hand and arm and will be compelled to make yourself hard.  Wake!

BRAD tries to fight, but his arm/hand move towards his cock and he begins to play with himself in front of the audience until he gets hard with Dr. Smith standing to the side admiring the display.

DR. SMITH:  Now Brad.  All the commands I have given you are no longer active.  When I say wake you will be able to move and talk and act normally.  You will never doubt  again and you will do nothing about what happened here tonight other than to remember your humiliation caused by your stubbornness.  Wake.

BRAD: (utterly embarrassed covers himself with his hands)  Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?  I have never been so embarrassed in all my life.  I’m getting out of here.

BRAD runs off stage while DR. SMITH laughs yelling:  Where you going, Brad? Your clothes were all sold to charity.  Come backstage and maybe I can spare a handkerchief for you to wear home.  Hecklers are such great fun.

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